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Tracy Bakery is the premier supplier of fresh, frozen, as well as thaw and sell goods including a large selection of breads, pastries, crackers and desserts, to food service operators, restaurants, delis, cafeterias, wholesalers, supermarkets, convenience stores and other institutions, who have been our loyal customers since our inception in 1974.  Today we proudly provide our baked goods to the finest establishments throughout the South Florida region and nationwide, we complement their menus with a diverse selection of goods and enhance their food businesses in a cost effective way.  Let’s not forget another very important factor: With our products we help our customers please the taste buds of their patrons and elevate their overall experience.


We are known for providing the highest quality freshly baked products at affordable prices coupled with dependable deliveries, and exceptional service.

Frozen goods

A very convenient option!  This is the perfect solution for stores and food businesses that want to save money on ingredients, machinery and labor.  We deliver our frozen and par-baked goods to your location and they only need to go in the oven for a few minutes before serving.  Your customers can enjoy hot treats with the aromas, flavors and freshness emerging as you are finishing off these treats in your oven.

Thaw and sell products

Our selection of thaw and sell products is one of the most sought after options! We offer a great variety of baked goods that are fully cooked and frozen to preserve their flavors, freshness, and also to extend their shelf life.  Let them thaw and they will be ready for consumption, fresh and delicious, as if they were just coming out of the oven!


We also offer a wide variety of treats that are fresh and ready for immediate consumption. From breads, to pastelitos, to cakes, and other delicious bites, we have every possible option to give your patrons a sweet, savory or fruity experience that they will want to repeat over and over!

With our large selection of fully baked frozen products, we give our customers the ability to serve great tasting items in a fast and convenient manner.


Since we strive to be a one-stop shop, we also offer our customers additional supplies to fulfill their unique business needs.  Our supplies include: Pastry glaze, Cuban bread bags, Puerto Rican bread bags, Pan Sobao bread bags, and Pan liners to list a few.  All of our products are available in different packaging options, and can be ordered in wholesale quantities.

Call us!  We are experts you can depend on delivering quality you can taste!

Specialty Bread Products

Our delicious breads are made using traditional artisan techniques combined with premium quality ingredients!  Since 1974 we have been hand crafting our goods using time-honored and labor-intensive techniques making them stand out for their superior flavor, texture and quality. Our baking approach combined with savory, tropical and flavorful combinations provide an overall unforgettable experience while our delicious treats melt in your mouth!


Our products are available in wholesale quantities to grocery and convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, the hospitality industry, and to other food service operators.  Within our bread selection we offer the following options:

Cuban bread - Item #: 36100 - 50 units per case

Our Cuban bread is a rich, smooth, and flavorful bread. It is a moist flaky loaf with a paper-thin hard crust. Our traditional and unique recipe has been passed down in our family for the last three generations and it originates from Unión de Reyes, Cuba.

Cuban rolls - Item #: 1011 - 144 units per case

Our Cuban Rolls are the smaller cousin of our bread. Rich and flavorful similar to Cuban bread the rolls are moist and flaky with a paper-thin hard crust. Delicious and perfect to pair with anything!

Media Noche - Item #: 01016 - 12 bags per case

  • Retail = 6 Units per bag
  • Wholesale = 8 Pk. Each 8 unit

You can't have a Media Noche sandwich without the proper bread. This sweet and eggy roll is a staple in Cuba and other Caribbean Islands. Our recipe was born in the same streets of Havana that made the sandwich famous throughout the Caribbean.

Cuban Crackers - Item #: 35199 - 21 units per case

A dry, crunchy, non-salty cracker enjoyed traditionally with Cuban coffee. Cuban crackers are a great snack and can be enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings at any time of the day!

Puerto Rican Bread - Item #: 36200 - 50 units per case

Puerto Rican Bread ("Pan Sobao") is a delicious loaf characterized by having a sweet flavor, a soft texture and a thick consistency. The sweetened flavor can complement most sandwiches or be enjoyed with butter or other toppings.

Baguette (Par Baked) Item #: 39100 - 38 units per case

The French baguette is synonymous with the French culture around the world. This delicious and irresistible bread is characterized by its long-length and the slit cuts on top enabling the proper expansion of gases responsible for its crumbly soft inner part, and also for its crisp, and delicious crust.

Croissants - Item #: 39200 - 90 units per case

Named for its crescent shape, this rich flaky roll is a staple of French cuisine. Our moist buttery croissant layers slowly melt away as you enjoy them.

Since opening our doors, over 40 years ago, we have remained true to our principles of excellence above all, including exceeding our customers’ expectations by delivering fresh, on time, and delicious 365 days a year.


Call us and tell us your needs.  We work around the clock to bring you the highest quality products and services.

Loaf Bread

Bread is an important component for a healthy and nutritious diet.  It is also a delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day in multiple ways, shapes and forms.  From French toasts, to a decadent sandwich, to garlic bread, to bruschetta, to buttery breadsticks, there are hundreds of ways to stop time and satisfy a craving by tasting one of our delectable creations.   At Tracy we have been hand crafting a large selection of artisan breads since 1974.  Following treasured family recipes and baking from scratch with superior ingredients, we bring unmatched quality, freshness and flavors.

Baked from scratch because for us TASTE is everything!

Baguette (Par Baked) Item #: 39100 - 38 units per case

The French baguette is synonymous with the French culture around the world. This delicious and irresistible bread is characterized by its long-length and the slit cuts on top enabling the proper expansion of gases responsible for its crumbly soft inner part, and also for its crisp, and delicious crust.


In addition, our baguette varieties include:

  • Wheat baguette
  • Chef baguette
  • Di baguette
  • Parisian bread
  • Wheat demi Parisian bread

Our delightful treats are created by our dedicated and skilled bakers who take pride in preserving our traditional baking techniques, and in delivering wholesome and flavorful products that our customers can sell to their patrons with the security that they will exceed expectations, and satisfy the most demanding palates.


Whether you are a supermarket with an in-store deli/bakery, a restaurant, cafeteria, distributor, or food service operator, at Tracy, we have a wide selection of fresh and par-baked options that we deliver to your location in wholesale quantities and with a variety of packaging options.   We can also provide you with additional supplies including pastry glaze, bread bags and pan liners, and other solutions tailored around your unique business needs and goals.

We are committed to giving you the best-baked goods,

supplies & expert support, so you can grow your business!


As a family owned and operated business, we perfected our baking methods to preserve the traditional artisan way of making hearty, tasty, and superior quality pastries, all while maintaining the highest standards of production, safety and cleanliness.  For over 40 years we have and continue to be the preferred wholesaler bakery vendor for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, resorts, food service operators, cafeterias, cafes, and grocery stores to list a few, who come to us for our fresh and frozen options knowing that we have the selection, the product consistency, experience and capabilities to supply first class baked goods all year around, depending on their unique business goals and needs.

Apple Turnover - Item #: 37700 - 72 units per case

A pastry dessert filled with pieces of sweetened apples with a flaky, crunchy outer crust, it's a sweet and delicious treat.

Coconut & Cheese - Item #: 37600 - 72 units per case

Flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with coconut and cheese will immerse you senses. They are rich, creamy and a textural treat.

Coconut & Pineapple - Item #: 37900 - 72 units per case

Flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with coconut and pineapple has a refreshingly light flavor with a delicate texture.

Meat Flavored Pastry - Item #: 37300 - 105 units per case

Amazing flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with a soy mixture that maintains the same consistency and flavor of meat fillings, without the related health problems associated with red meat.


Cheese Pastry - Item #: 37400 - 72 units per case

Flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with cheese are a rich and creamy textural treat.

Guava Pastry - Item #: 37100 - 84 units per case

Amazing flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with a sweet and refreshing mixture of sweet guava. Traditional Hispanic flavors blended seamlessly to bring back childhood memories of most patrons.

Coconut Pastry - Item #: 37500 - 84 units per case

Amazing flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with a sweet and refreshing mixture of sweetened shredded coconut.

Mango & Cheese Pastry - Item #: 37800 - 72 units per case

Flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with mango and cheese, a sweet, rich, and buttery treat.

Guava & Cheese - Item #: 37200 - 72 units per case

Amazing flaky, crunchy pastries stuffed with a sweet and rich mixture of sweet guava and savory cream cheese. Traditional Hispanic flavors blended seamlessly to create a lush treat.

Dulce de Leche Pastry - Item #: 38700 - 72 units per case

This delicate flaky pastry is filled with dulce de leche creamy and light.  It is so versatile that it can be enjoyed with ice cream, milk or alone.

Assorted Bites – Total of 100 units per case

These mini pastry desserts are filled with various sweetened fillings with a flaky, crunchy outer crust. These bite-sized delicious treats are wonderful when shared with one or many friends.


Flavors include:

  • Guava Pastry Bites Item #: 38100
  • Guava & Cheese Pastry Bites Item #: 38200
  • Cheese Pastry Bites Item #: 38400
  • Pineapple Pastry Bites Item #: 38600
  • Coco, Apple, Strawberry & Cherry

We strive to equip our customers with the right products at the right time!  Equipped with our own fleet of trucks, an experienced team, and our unwavering commitment to be a dependable supplier, we deliver our products door to door to our customers located in the South Florida region, and we work with strategic partners to make our baked goods available nationwide.  Whether your needs are big or small, we have a solution for you.  Contact one of our team members and start collaborating with professionals that can help you create, manage and grow your inventory!

International Desserts

At Tracy Bakery we are firm believers that life is much sweeter with a savory treat!  This is why we have a great selection of international desserts that our skilled bakers create from scratch every single day, in an effort to deliver the best baked goods to our customers in the food service, hospitality and restaurant industries, so they can in return, impress their patrons with a glorious experience and great taste in every bite.


Our desserts are known for the perfect balance of taste and texture.  They are moist, rich and incredibly flavorful, perfect to enjoy at any time, with a coffee, a hot tea, or just a piece at a time!  Just be careful, we know it is almost impossible not to ask for seconds…


Within our selection of international desserts we offer the following options:

  • Dobladito - crema
  • Dobladito - chocolate
  • Librito dulce de leche
  • Cornete Circular con crema
  • Cornette Circular con dulce
  • Doblada de crema & membrillo

To ensure that every piece we craft exceeds our standards of quality, we follow our traditional family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  In addition, we adhere to rigorous control manufacturing practices, safety, cleanliness, and we source the finest ingredients from our trusted suppliers, which guarantees that we only deliver excellence.


For over four decades we have been known for our consistency in quality, in service, dependability and our ability to tailor our options around our customers’ individual needs.  From fresh, to frozen, to thaw and sell, we can deliver a variety of baked goods where you need them when you need them.  Call us. We look forward to becoming your solution provider, and to helping you find the perfect product to match your business. We promise to deliver convenience, attention to detail, and tantalizing flavors that your patrons will appreciate!

Authentically artisan, savory, baked goods…only at Tracy Bakery!

Specialty Desserts

Our desserts complement any menu, any occasion, and they are handcrafted to impress and satisfy the most discerning clientele!  We offer a large selection of superior quality baked-goods, that you can conveniently store, serve or sell within your food service business. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, supermarket, cafeteria, distributor, grocery or convenience store, at Tracy Bakery we have the perfect treat for your patrons.


Choose from our diverse selection of sweet, savory, fruity options, and tell us how many you need so we can deliver on time and cost effectively.  Our specialty desserts include:

  • Coconut Macaroons - Item #: 34008 - 12 units per case
  • Sugar Cookies - Item #: 34009 - 12 units per case
  • Sugar Cookies with Guava - Item #: 34009 - 12 units per case
  • Vanilla Pound Cake - Item #: 34010 - 12 units per case
  • Banana Nut Pound cake - Item #: 34026 - 12 units per case
  • Marble Pound cake - Item #: 34002 - 12 units per case
  • Corn Bread - Item #: 34012 - 12 units per case
  • Vanilla Cupcakes - Item #: 34004 - 12 units per case
  • Banana Nut Cupcakes - Item #: 34026 - 12 units per case
  • Borrachitas - Item #: 4000 - 15 units per case
  • Capuchinos - Item #: 4001 - 15 units per case
  • Sponge cake in syrup
  • Brazo Gitano Guava - Item #: 4002 - 12 units per case
  • Key Lime Pie - Item #: 4003 - 8 units per case

All of our creations can be ordered in wholesale quantities that are conveniently packaged to preserve freshness and deliver an overall great experience. Our Vanilla pound and marble pound cakes are available whole or sliced depending on your unique needs and preferences.  We also offer additional supplies including pastry glaze, pan liners and bread bags depending on your unique needs or specifications.  Call us.  We are ready to help you take your business to the next level!

Coconut Macaroons #34008

Sugar Cookies #34009

Masa Real Guava

Vanilla Pound Cake #34010

Banana Nut Pound Cake #34026

Marble Pound Cake #34002

Blueberry Muffins

Chocolate Muffins

Vanilla Muffins #34004

Sponge Cake in Syrup

Borrachitas  #4000

Capuchinos #4001

Brazo Gitano Guava #4002

Key Lime Pie #4003


Every one of our team members at Tracy Bakery strives to provide comprehensive solutions, expert support and excellence from beginning to end.  In addition to baking the finest artisan breads, pastries and desserts, we strive to go the extra mile for our customers, and with our capabilities, assortment of products and industry insight, the possibilities to accommodate any of their needs are just endless!


For over 40 years we have been supplying well renowned food service operators, ranging from restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, the hospitality industry, institutions, and other food businesses, with a diverse selection of fresh and frozen baked goods including Cuban bread, Puerto Rican bread, Pan Sobao, Cuban rolls, baguettes, croissants, guava pastries, cheese bites, coconut pastries, strawberry pastries, a variety of cakes, brazo gitano, sugar cookies, macaroon, and other delectable items, that they can conveniently store, sell or serve to consumers, and to patrons visiting their establishments.


We also support our customers with additional supplies to conveniently serve or pack these goods at their location.  Some of our available supplies include:

  • Pastry glaze
  • Cuban bread bags
  • Puerto Rican bread bags
  • Pan Sobao bread bags
  • Pan liners
  • And much more

To find out more about our options or to place an order, please call us.  We will be happy to tell you more about our menu options, prices, shipping or deliveries, and to tailor our solutions to meet your business needs, goals and target audience.  This is another reason why Tracy Bakery is a dependable business partner!

Wholesale breads, desserts and pastries baked fresh every morning!