About Us

Henry Ford once said, "If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability." Ernesto Garcia, the founder of Tracy Bakery, was the living embodiment of that maxim. Mr. Garcia moved to the United States with little more than five dollars to his name and knowledge inherited from working for his family's bakery in Cuba when he was a young man. In 1974, Mr. Garcia embarked on a journey to rebuild his family's traditional Hispanic bakery in Miami. Through hard work, resilience, and dedication to quality, Mr. Garcia achieved success. Now Tracy Bakery is a full service, reputable and well-established wholesale manufacturer and distributor of fresh and frozen breads, pastries, and other baked goods.

Using the same traditional recipes handed down to our founder when he worked in his family bakery in UniĆ³n de Reyes, Cuba, our products have gained many fans and unmatched reputation for their superior flavors and textures.  They are now available to you through traditional supermarkets and their in-store deli/bakeries, foodservice distributors, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, club stores, wholesalers, and quick-serve restaurants to list a few.

Mr. Garcia passed away in 2013, but his vision and spirit remains very much alive and continue to guide our company's culture. We strive to maintain a stellar reputation in his honor, by adhering to his philosophy for excellence, and as we continue our dedication to improve every day, we are certain that between our passion for baking, for creating new and delicious treats, and for serving new markets nationwide and internationally, we will have something for everyone and provide the highest quality baked goods that will please our customers and their loyal patrons.

Tradition and quality in every piece!

Still family owned and operated, and with a remarkable team leading our operations, Tracy Bakery has now expanded to offer a full line of frozen breads, pastries and desserts, ranging from Cuban bread, to Puerto Rican bread, Cuban crackers, meat pastry, cheese pastry, baguettes, guava and cheese pastry, dulce de leche pastry, mango and cheese pastry, apple turnover, media noche bread, vanilla pound cake, to coconut macaroons and other delectable treats.


Whether you are a large or a small food service operator looking to impress your patrons with top quality baked goods and desserts, at Tracy Bakery we can help you. From manufacturing, to distribution, to delivery, we are a full service provider, with the experience, capabilities and commitment to continually provide you with the products that best meet your unique needs.

Contact us and let us guide you through our simple and yet effective process!

Wholesale breads, desserts and pastries baked fresh every morning!

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